• Testimonials

  • My Wife, Mother and Father all go to Lifetime Dental for their dental needs. They have all said nothing but good things about the place. Therefore, I decided to switch over and couldn't be more happy and satisfied. They made a bite guard for me to combat my teeth grinding at night and it couldn't fit better. I also had a mold made for teeth whitening as well as a cleaning and crown put on. They have the latest technology for administering the pain medicine as well as taking before and after photos of your teeth and showing them on the computer screen instantly after my crown was put on! Pretty impressive and something I've never experienced at any other dentist. Highly recommend!

    Kyle G.

  • Love my dentist and staff. They treat you with respect. I like the fact that on my first visit, my dentist called to check on me. Everything with them are so personable they get to You the person instead of you the patience. This is a winning team office here. I come all the way from Inkster just to be seen by them.

    Dorene Wheeler

  • Fantastic dental office. Love Dr. Hodas & everyone there. State-of-the art equipment + great dental plan for cleanings, x-rays, etc. if you don't have insurance. We lost our dental insurance with GM so this was a God-send to us.

    Whenever I needed a quick appointment, they were able to squeeze me in. Found all their appointment times to be on scheduled with hardly or no wait time.

    I purchased the teeth whitening pack & am very pleased with it. They were running a special and it was very affordable.

    If you're looking for a great dentist - check out Lifetime Dental!

    Brenda G.

  • I was looking for a dentist that used my new insurance, and after reading the great reviews for Lifetime Dental Excellence (not on Yelp, oddly enough), I decided they seemed like a great fit.

    So far I've been there twice and couldn't be happier. I was looking for a small practice, and this is perfect- by my second visit they already knew my name. I like feeling like I'm not just another mouth; I'm a person. When I told them I always gag during x-rays, they even gave me a numbing spray to help, which I've never had before (and I've gone to probably a good 5 or 6 dentists).

    The staff are friendly and helpful, and the whole experience was about as good as it gets at a dentist's office! I highly recommend them.

    Blaise B.

  • I live in Clawson and was looking for a dentist with early morning & evening hours - which this practice has. I gave them a try and was VERY impressed.

    The office is clean and organized - the staff is SO FRIENDLY - it's not impossible to get an appointment and EVERYONE I encountered was seriously very pleasant. They even "welcomed me to their practice" when I went in for my first appointment, and they sent a thank you card as well!

    The cleaning I got was the best I've ever had - my teeth never looked better and I didn't want to die in the middle of the cleaning. They use a little wand-camera to take pictures of the teeth to show you close-up problems on their monitor.

    I sent my husband in for an appointment because he had tooth pain, and he was equally impressed; even commented on how his teeth were the cleanest ever after his cleaning.

    Best part - after he got a filling at a second appointment, Dr. Wernette called him at home to check on how he was doing! CLASSY!

    Highly recommend!

    Anna S.